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Have you noticed tiny black ants marching across your floor or witnessed ants foraging around for food crumbs?  Chances are good that you have and as the weather continues to warm up it is likely that ants will continue to infest your home in large numbers.  While a single ant is no cause for alarm, sightings of multiple ants could means that a colony of ants has been established in your home or that a nest may be somewhere on your property. 

Ants will forage for sweets, fats and proteins and while carpenter ants are thought to eat wood, they actually just excavate wood to make tunnels and galleries.  Both tend to nest in a variety of places around homes including in soil (you may have already noticed little ant mounds in your yard), behind baseboards or even in the cracks in your counter tops.    Although their presence may seem innocent enough ants can infest food, leave droppings behind and if left to their own devices carpenter ants can cause structural deficiencies in your home. 

Don’t let ants get the best of you this spring.  Contact us if you think you have an infestation and we’ll help you get rid of ants, no matter how severe of problem. To find out more about our ant control services, Please contact us.

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