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Monday, 25 June 2012 03:36

Termite Control

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A significant portion of homes in San Antonio suffer from severe termite infestation. Termites cause $2-3 billion dollars worth of damage every year. Termites cause more serious threats than fire. They live in colonies which are mostly located in the ground or in wood.

Termites are mainly divided into three types – subterranean termites, dry wood termites and damp wood termites, based on location and biological habits. They could  be actively causing damage to your property without you even knowing about it until substantial damage has already been done. They squeeze through expansion joints, tiny gaps, electrical service entries and cracks as narrow as the thickness of a penny.

For termite pest control in San Antonio, a definite knowledge base of each of the species is necessary for effective control. We use soil treatment at the base of a building to prevent entry of subterranean termites into the building. The termites cannot detect the chemical in the soil as it has no odor or taste. They are not aware of the lethal effect of the chemicals until it is too late.

Tips to Reduce Termite Infestations

    If your area is a known termite infested area, we recommend that you have your home inspected once each year.
  • Avoid wood to ground contact. There should be a clearance of minimum 6 inches from ground.
  • If wood decking is built on the soil surface, period checks should be performed.
  • Vines and shrubs around the house should be regularly trimmed to avoid heavy foliage.
  • Tree branches contacting the structure should be removed.
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